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Research Group Cultural Psychology

The research group is dedicated to research on the mutual constitution of mind and society, which involves exploring the entanglement of complex psychological functioning and meaning making within dynamic social contexts.

The group hosts researchers from various traditions in and related to the field of Cultural Psychology including Semiotics, Socio-historical approaches, Discursive and Narrative Approaches, Social Representations, Ethnomethodology, and Existential-phenomenology. It aims to contribute to research in the following areas:

  • Culture and Human Development
  • Remembering as cultural practice
  • Language, symbols and mind
  • Semiotic Mediation in action
  • Social Movements and social change
  • Fostering sustainable consciousness and behavior
  • Global Health challenges

At a general level, the research group explores theoretical understandings and practical implications of the mutual constitution of persons and socio-cultural worlds. The group explores is transdisciplinary and it aims to stimulate cross-fertilization of perspectives with, for example, anthropology, sociology, history, philosophy, and linguistics. It advocates a plural methodological approach and draws on a variety of research traditions such as Discursive- and Narrative Analysis, Multimodal Video Analysis, Positioning Theory, Visual Methods, Idiographic, phenomenological and other qualitative approaches.

The projects conducted by the research group cover both independent research and research in collaboration with numerous national and international partners.

The research group is part of the Centre for Cultural Psychology (CCP) and closely related to the Master Program “Cultural Psychology” at Aalborg University. It also contributes to the training of PhD students and other activities of the CCP.

Head of the Research Group Cultural Psychology