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Department of Communiction and Psychology offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that in various ways combine communication studies, aesthetics, art, mental health and technology. Read more about the department's study programs

Research at Department of Communication and Psychology

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The department's researchers deal with some of the major human challenges and issues such as immigration, democracy, understanding of culture, behavior, sustainability, models for decision-making, community building, dissemination, mental health and experience design. See the department's knowledge groups

Department of Communication and Psychology

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The Department of Communication and Psychology has a humanistic foundation, and the focus is on the relationship between people, organizations, society, media, technologies and knowledge. The purpose is to improve people's opportunities to participate in society by organizing processes, designing products and interpreting and changing people's practices of life. Core research areas at the Department of Communication and Psychology are:

  • Communication, culture and society
  • Psychology, health and therapy
  • Music, aesthetics, interaction, experience and design
  • Creativity, learning and development
  • Technology, science and philosophy

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we will not be physically present at the moment. Please contact us by mail or phone. See more information about corona here.

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