Department of Communication and Psychology

Department of Communication and Psychology

Department of Communication and Psychology is part of Aalborg University and conducts research and teaching in communication.

The interest is pointed at communication products as well as processes, and we are engaged in describing, analysing and improving communication in its many shapes. The point of departure is humanistic and focus is on humans and the relations between humans and organisations, society, media and technology. Research and education focuses on design and implementation of processes and products, which improve or expand humans’ capability of participating in communicative relations, for example to:

  • give people with a handicap or a diagnosis better opportunities to cope in society
  • get insight in public discourses and their impact
  • study humans communication in learning and organisational contexts
  • explore human and computer interaction
  • provide museums and experience institutions tools for improved mediation and design of experiences
  • bring new marketing knowledge to companies


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Featured Research


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