Department of Communication and Psychology

Department of Communication and Psychology

The Department of Communication and Psychology is a large, interdisciplinary department at Aalborg University. The department’s research and teaching activities are directed towards designing and putting into practice processes and products that improve or expand people’s ability to participate in communicative contexts. Our interests are thus aimed at communication products, communication processes, and communication procedures. The foundation of the department is humanistic and our activities therefore focus on people and the relationships between people, organizations, society, media, and technologies. Our academic approach is primarily embedded in the human being and entails deep knowledge about human beings’ doing, being, and becoming. Whether that human being is one who works, is entertained, develops, learns, communicates, or experiences or  needs help, nursing, care, or treatment and therapy, the researchers at Department of Communication and Psychology work to understand, support, and create better opportunities. Our research is especially directed towards:

  • Analysis the of creation of meaning in communication processes and in relation to communication products
  • Interpretation and explanation of the social use of communication products and the psychological processes used
  • Construction and intervention through the use of products and processes that support and improve people’s opportunity to communicate in a socially relevant and psychologically satisfying way.
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Due to coronavirus restrictions, we will not be physically present until February 28, 2021.

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