Research Laboratory for Art and Technology

Research Laboratory for Art and Technology

Photo: Maros Pekarik. Credit: Valeria Rizzo, RELATE Artist in Residence.

RELATE (Research Laboratory for Art and Technology) is a cross-disciplinary knowledge group and research platform that investigates the intersection of artistic skills and academic, problem-based research within the field of art and technology including robotics, generative art, sound art, performance, curation, media art, participatory and urban art.
RELATE is uniquely positioned within the global art and technology and scientific community: our international group explores connections between visual and performing arts and emerging technologies and practices.
RELATE’s primary focus areas are:

  1. The human body and its many conceptualizations as a locus and subject for artistic creation and improvisation, aesthetic experiences, and critical reflection.
  2. Performative and participatory artefacts, robotics, sound and music, and curatorial practice.
  3. Art and technology as an alternative framing of art history and art reception.
  4. The integration of artistic and academic methods that form a hybrid methodology for university teaching and collaborative research projects.

RELATE promotes research based teaching for the educational programs of Art & Technology (ArT), Experience Design, and the Erasmus Mundus Media Arts Cultures Graduate Program at Aalborg University.
RELATE’s research contributions are communicated through a variety of channels including international conferences, academic publishing, curation of and contributions to national and international exhibitions, performances and events. Events and exhibitions include: ISEA International, Transmediale, ARS Electronica, International EVA Project, CLICK Festival, NIME, and International ImproFestival.
RELATE is also committed to cultivating new outlets and channels for artistic-academic research projects.