Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice

Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice

Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice


The professional aim of Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice is to develop knowledge about material, discursive practices. The knowledge group combines dialogic (inclusive historic), discourse analytic (inclusive rhetoric) and material (inclusive multimodal) approaches to mediation and meaning-making in social practices.

The central task for the knowledge group is to develop methods to understand, analyse, criticise and impact practices within various social areas. The methodological development will take place in conjuction with close analyses of concrete texts, interactions and practices and, further, will involve a dialogue with various ’customers’ and partners in other research environments and in the surrounding society.

The most important activities of the knowledge group are to:

  • discuss basic texts about ’materiality’, ’discourse’ and ’practice’
  • plan and develop teaching
  • invite ’co-speakers’ / experts to various types of dialogue
  • prepare research applications
  • develop innovative material-discursive knowledge group practices
  • have co-operation with other research environments within and without AAU

Our Sense-Making Studio serves as a place where empirical materials are scrutinized. Please contact should you want to share your data with us in our data sessions


Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice
Rendsburggade 14 · 9000 Aalborg · Denmark

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