PhD Defence by Mia Thyrre Sørensen

PhD Defence by Mia Thyrre Sørensen

Mia Thyrre Sørensen will defend the thesis "Students' orchestration of group work and the role of technology".


02.06.2022 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


The defense is open to the public and guests are welcome in the defense room or may join online through the following link:

Meeting ID: 687 3137 2102
Passcode: 847570

About the thesis

The dissertation, "Students' orchestration of group work and the role of technology", explores student self-organised hybrid collaborative practices in a problem-oriented and project-based learning environment at Aalborg University. It reports a multi-sited ethnographic study of student orchestration of collaboration and the role of technology in their collaboration. The study shows a high degree of diversity in how the students manage their project work and collaboration, including meeting place, meeting frequency, planning, division of labour, work constellations, choice of technology, and how they use technology to support their project collaboration. The dissertation provides detailed empirical descriptions and development of concept and models of students' practices. Read more and download thesis.


PhD supervisor: Associate Prof. Thomas Ryberg, Aalborg University 
Assistant PhD supervisor: Associate Prof. Anette Kolmos, Aalborg University 

PhD committee:

Prof. Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Aalborg University  (chair)
Lecturer Jørgen Lerche Nielsen, Roskilde University 
Docent, Jimmy Jaldemark, Mid Sweden University 


Department of Communication and Psychology


Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg in room 5.125 / Zoom