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UserTEC project – User Practice, Technologies and Residential Energy Consumption

eLL research project 

New design language will provide a common basis for communication between stakeholders in sustainable construction work

The building sector is identified as the sector that holds the greatest potential for energy efficiency today. UserTEC will study different users’ everyday practice in relation to energy consumption behaviour and their response to new building technologies. The aim is to become better at adapting new energy solutions to the user and thereby achieve the full efficiency improvement potential. ELL’s commitment to the UserTEC project revolves around the development of a design language for integration of intelligent control technology in the home. This design language should establish a common basis for communication between actors in sustainable construction work. The project is supported by The Danish Council for Strategic Research with 17.2 million DKK and has a total budget of 26.4 million DKK. It runs from 2013 to 2018. More about UserTEC project. More about UserTEC project.

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