Knowledge Groups and other Research Centres in Copenhagen

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    Communication Dynamics (CODY)

    Communication Dynamics (CODY) written in red letters on black background with grey boxes

    The knowledge group Communication Dynamics (CODY) brings together studies that have roots in the recent breakthrough in the field of communication in recent decades as a result of new media technologies (from the Internet to social media). Central is the medialization that has taken place and is still ongoing, where media today rarely can be isolated from the culture and society in which they belong.

    Communication Dynamics

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    Communication, IT and Learning Design (KILD)

     Communication, IT and Learning Design (KILD) illustrated by a fist beating out a question mark

    KILD aims to rethink learning processes through IT and focuses at opportunities to qualify and facilitate learning through IT as well as to strengthen creativity and innovation. KILD constitutes the research laboratory ”It og LæringsDesign” with researchers from Department of Learning and Philosophy. The lab gathers a number of Denmark’s leading researchers within IT, learning and didactics. Head of KILD is Mie Buhl.

    Communication, IT and Learning Design

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    Visual Studies and Learning Design (ViLD)

    ViLD conducts investigations in diverse fields related to research and learning, including but not limited to:
    Visual learning, visual design, visual communication, visual research methodologies, visual arts education, visual culture, augmented reality, virtual reality, sketching, animation, and visual programming.

     Visual Studies and Learning Design

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    Science, Policy and Information Studies (SPIS)

    Science, Policy and Information Studies (SPIS) symbolised by letters in different colors on black background

    The objective of the knowledge Group is to develop knowledge about scholarship and informational dynamics in all their forms and configurations. The knowledge group combines studies of academic and societal networks of humanities scholarship and beyond with research on intelligent access, prediction, analytics and ethics of information in the face of large amounts of data. Head of SPIS: Birger Larsen.

    The knowledge Group Science, policy and Information Studies

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    The Humanomics Research Centre

    Humanomics logo

    The Humanomics Research Centre is a meta-research unit focused on studying the academic and societal networks of humanities scholarship and beyond. 

    The Humanomics Research Centre

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