Exploratory workshop series on “Communicative impairment in interaction"

Exploratory workshop series on “Communicative impairment in interaction. A Nordic perspective on the social organization of disordered talk”

During the workshops series in 2014 an interdisciplinary and international group of Nordic researchers met in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The participants concentrate on their recent (Nordic) research on communication impairment within talk-in-interaction that shift the traditional (cognitive) perspective of impairment as a bodily (dys-)function within the individual, towards an interactionist and contextual understanding of sense-making as an emergent product of interaction. The focus was directed on empirical data of conversations involving one or more participants with communication impairment in both institutional and home environments.

The workshop series resulted in:

  • three workshops (hold in Denmark, Finland and Sweden) to which also (inter)national experts were invited;
  • the formation of a Nordic Network of Interaction Studies on Communication Impairment (NISCI);
  • collaboration of Nordic experts in application for funding for research project on atypical communication, joint panel organisation and talks on different international conferences,  and shared publication;

During the whole workshop series early stage researchers were included, e.g. in form of presentations.

Nordic Workshop Series