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Communication, IT and Learning Design (KILD)

Communication, IT and Learning Design

Communication, IT and Learning Design

Communication, IT and Learning Design (Danish abbreviation: KILD) uses IT to develop new learning processes, focusing on qualifying and facilitating learning and enhancing creativity and innovation through IT.

Today, digitisation and the Internet are significant factors when changes occur in society, and they have a high priority in education systems worldwide.

KILD carries out basic research as well as action and practice research on IT, learning and didactics in cooperation with external partners. This includes a special focus on visual and aesthetic practices, game types and game playing in different contexts.  The research focuses on learning modes, formal and informal contexts, multimodality and interaction in technology-intensive learning environments, which are essential for innovation in the educational sector as well as in businesses and other types of organisations.

Research carried out by KILD contributes to the development of new learning cultures in the educational sector, businesses and organisations.  This research contributes in particular to making use of learning potentials in aesthetic and visual cognition, in the dynamics of games and play facilitated by digitally mediated and blended practices.  The development of new learning cultures is also included in KILD’s own teaching activities.

Together with researchers from the Department of Learning and Philosophy, KILD constitutes the research laboratory IT and Learning Design. This laboratory unites a number of Denmark’s leading researchers within IT, learning and didactics.

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