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Workshop organizers

Workshop organizers

The workshop organizers are all based at Aalborg University, Denmark, as members of E-Learning Lab, Center for User Driven Innovation, Learning and Design.

Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen

Teaching Assistant Professor and Phd Fellow at Aalborg University in Denmark. Her primary research interests are within the field of Persuasive Design, which she approaches from a humanistic perspective, placing particular attention on the rhetorical notion of Kairos, and on applied ethics in relation to persuasive design. She was a contributing member of the project consortium of the EU funded EuroPLot project (http://www.eplot.eu/). Current research focuses on designing persuasive learning technologies for climate communication within the Danish Army. In particular, she is interested in Participatory Design, Value Sensitive Design, Applied Ethics and Persuasive Technologies.

Lykke Brogaard Bertel

PhD Fellow at the Danish Technological Institute and Aalborg University. She is exploring the cross fields between Human-Robot Interaction, Persuasive Design and didactics, particularly focusing on robots’ ability to facilitate motivation for learning through social interaction in real-world learning environments. Research interests include persuasive technologies in special needs education, motivation in human-robot relationships and design-based educational research.

Thomas Ryberg

Professor mso (MA, PhD) in the Department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark. His primary research interests are within the fields of Networked Learning, Problem Based Learning (PBL), Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). He is co-chair of the International Networked Learning Conference (http://networkedlearningconference.org.uk/) and member of the Aalborg PBL Academy Management Board (http://www.pbl.aau.dk). He has participated in European and international research projects and networks (EQUEL, Kaledioscope, COMBLE, PlaceMe, EATrain2), and in development projects in South East Asia and Latin America (VISCA, VO@NET, ELAC). In particular, he is interested in Problem Based Learning, and how new media and technologies transform our ways of thinking about and designing for Networked and Hybrid Learning.”