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Workshop @ persuasive 2016

Persuasive Design for Learning - Learning in Persuasive Design

In this first workshop on Persuasive Designs for Learning - Learning in Persuasive Design, we wish to explore the potential of creating a network for researchers and practitioners to discuss and share knowledge on the impacts of applying persuasive design principles in learning, or combining theories and methods of learning and persuasion in technology design. More specifically, we aim to address the role of learning in persuasive designs, and the potential of persuasive designs in learning environments.

Both in theory and in practice, learning has been argued to hold significant potential in relation to persuasive technologies. Particularly when persuasive initiatives strive to motivate sustainable behaviour changes, learning may be seen as part of the foundation of an attitude change, which subsequently leads to a lasting change in user behaviour. Correspondingly, the notion of persuasive design may constitute a valuable perspective in the development of technology-based learning designs, ensuring that learning technologies not only facilitate learning, but also motivate the students to engage in the learning process.

This workshop invites experts and stakeholders in the realm of persuasive technologies and technology-based teaching and learning who are interested in exploring how the cross field between persuasive technology and technology-based learning may advance.