eLL has a vibrant and international doctoral environment that is tightly integrated in the knowledge group. PhD students in eLL have different backgrounds - some are enrolled trough the traditional three-year program, others are foreign PhD students who are affiliated through Erasmus Mundus and others complete their PhD study with a background from other organisations. All PhD students are enrolled in the Doctoral School of the Humanities and follow the PhD program Human Centred Communication and Informatics.

PhD Club

The PhD students in eLL have formed a PhD Club, where students can share their experiences about writing their dissertation.

Members of the club meet once a month to present, discuss and reflect on each other's projects, various theories and methods and the students can exchange experiences about life as a PhD student in general.

PhD’s in the club come from different professional, social and cultural worlds. The purpose of the club is to build bridges between these cultures and to learn from - and help each other through a demanding period professionally as well as personally. There are both meetings of professional and social character.


Head ot the PhD Club