Design Lab

Design Lab - Participatory design, innovation and learning

ELL'S DESIGN LAB support collaboration, knowledge sharing, and criticism of studies of practice and design of digital systems and programs, with particular focus on the importance of touch, imaging, emotional involvement and adoption of habits.


eLL's Design Lab offers a physical space for the exploration and testing of digital artefacts, video-data collection and analysis and a small stage where user scenarios can be played through and experienced.


  • Two Smart boards with software for collaboration and prototyping between multiple locations.
  • A digital interactive table for categorisation and exploration of the interfaces between the physical and digital materials
  • Teaching and toy robots for exploration of the emotional aspects of a design
  • Lego Serous Play for concept development
  • Tinkering boxes also to for concept development
  • Sandbox for storytelling and scenario building
  • Theatre scene for playing and experiencing user situations.


Testing, development and analysis are the main activities of the lab in connection with our studies of end-user practices. Researchers in eLL participate, as well as our partners and colleagues both inside and outside the Department of Communication.


Rendsburggade 14, room 6.235


Head of Design Lab

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