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Tackling challenges in coaching and coaching psychology

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9th International Congress of Coaching Psychology

Tackling challenges in coaching and coaching psychology

Friday September 13th 2019 9.00 am - 16.00 pm 2019, Aalborg


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How we tackle challenges in coaching and coaching psychology will be explored throughout the day by leading researchers and practitioners with a multi-faceted and complex perspective on the overall theme of the conference.

With experiences from "executive coaching" and based on the fact that constant changes are everyday life for individuals, teams and organizations, one lecture will focus on how values ​​and meaning can navigate the psychologists work in this VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous) WORLD.

The psychologist can take his departure point based on stories, language, morals and ongoing discourses. This is the framework for a lecture based on Charles Taylor's idea: "We get the sense of who we are through the sense of where we stand in relation to the good".

Finally, how can we apply scientific results when we want to implement behavioural changes: The gap or leap from intention to action is one of the great challenging issues for both practice and science and then what’s next and which paths appears in coaching?

In recent years, in both the Danish and British populations, we have seen a significant deterioration of mental health. Coaches (clients) who experience mental problems are likely to be our clients. The lecture addresses how problems such as stress, anxiety and depression occur and how they are handled in a coaching psychological context.



9.00 Velcome to the conference by Director of Coaching Psychology Unit, Senior researcher Ole Michael Spaten, PhD

9.15 Keynote: Meaning Based Coaching. With constant change becoming the norm for individuals, teams and organisations, there is an increasing interest in and focus on values and meaning in evidence-based coaching, by Dr. Suzy Green, Sydney University and Institute of PosPsych, Australia

10.15 Coffee, tea

10.45 Keynote: Narrative Coaching as Speech Training and Discursive Conquering. This paper will present AH’s latest ideas concerning coaching, language, moral, narratives and discourses, by Professor Allan Holmgren, DISPUK Institute, Snekkersten, Denmark

11.45 Lunch

12.45 Keynote: Research and practice on how to bridge the Intention-Action-Gap. Application of scientific findings for a rigorous implementation of behavioral changes, by Professor Siegfried Greif, Osnabrück University, Germany

13.45 Coffee, tea

14.15 Keynote: Mental health issues within a coaching and coaching psychology context: Implications for practice, training and supervision. In recent years, there has been a worsening of mental health among the Danish and British populations, by Professor Stephen Palmer, University of Wales Trinity St David.

15.15 Reception – snacks, wine and soft drinks


Keynote Speakers

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    Dr Suzy Green

    Dr Suzy Green

    Dr Suzy Green is a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist (MAPS) and Founder & CEO of The Positivity Institute, a positively deviant organisation dedicated to the research and application of Positive Psychology for life, school and work. She is a leader in the complementary fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology having conducted a world-first study on evidence-based

    coaching as an Applied Positive Psychology. Suzy was the recipient of an International Positive Psychology Fellowship Award and has published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. She lectured on Applied Positive Psychology as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer in the Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney for ten years and is an Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology. Suzy also currently holds Honorary Academic positions at the Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne, the Black Dog Institute and she is an Affiliate of the Institute for Well-Being, Cambridge University. Suzy was the Stress-less Expert for Australian Women’s Health Magazine and the Positive Psychology Expert for Muse Magazine. Suzy is an official ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and she maintains a strong media profile appearing on television, radio and in print.

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    Professor Siegfried Greif, PhD

    Professor Siegfried Greif, PhD

    Siegfried Greif, PhD is em. Professor at the University of Osnabrueck (Germany, chair of Work and Organizational Psychology) and head of coaching and change management of a consulting institute ( Mayor fields of his research are coaching, stress at work and change management. He is editor of a book series on Innovative Management of the German Publisher Hogrefe (Goettingen). Among 17 books he has published one in German on Coaching and Result-oriented Self Reflection (2008, Hogrefe), is co-editor of a handbook on key concepts of coaching (2017), many articles in journals and diverse book chapters. He teaches coaching at different Universities and gives courses to practitioners at the Free University of Berlin.

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    Professor Stephen Palmer PhD

    Professor Stephen Palmer PhD

    Prof Stephen Palmer PhD is an Adjunct Professor of Coaching Psychology at the Coaching Psychology Unit, Aalborg University and Professor of Practice at the Wales Institute for work Based Learning, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  He is Coordinating Director of the ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research. He is Founder Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at City, University of London. He is the Honorary President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology and the International Stress Management Association. He has written or edited over 50 books including the Handbook of Coaching Psychology, and the Beginner’s Guide to Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has published over 225 articles.

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    Professor, Dr. Allan Holmgren

    Professor, Dr. Allan Holmgren

    Allan Holmgren er i psykologi fra Københavns Universitet, 1981. Autoriseret psykolog, specialist og supervisor i psykoterapi og i arbejds- og organisationspsykologi. Ekstern lektor og adjungeret professor på CBS. Har skrevet adskillige kapitler i lærebøger og artikler i tidsskrifter om terapi, coaching and ledelse. Allan betragtes som den førende skandinaviske narrative teoretiker og praktiker. Har efteruddannelser i gruppeanalyse, psykoanalytisk psykoterapi og systemisk familieterapi.


Friday September 13th 2019
9.00 am - 16.00 pm


Lecture Hall 1.104,
Kroghstraede 3,
Aalborg University,
Aalborg, Denmark



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