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Center for Qualitative Studies

Center for Qualitative Studies

Center for Qualitative Studies

The researchers in Center for Qualitative Studies have a wide range of research interests centred on the following main themes:

  • Development of qualitative methods
  • Creativity research
  • Culture and ways of living
  • Pedagogical psychology
  • Management and organization styles

Center for Qualitative Studies consists of more than 30 active researchers and teachers. Through a grant from the Danish National Research Foundation, it also houses a Niels Bohr Professorship in cultural psychology and is thereby also one of the leading cultural psychology research centres in the world. We are responsible for four programmes and an international doctoral programme in cultural psychology. We pride ourselves on collaborating closely and actively with our students.

In Center for Qualitative Studies, we seek deep theoretical insight and pragmatic knowledge development. This means that we collaborate with a wide array of other educational institutions, organizations, and companies. We develop and reflect on the types of intervention (consultation, organization development initiatives, therapy, and psychological studies) that may affect people’s lives. A common denominator for our approach to research and teaching is that we seek to gain insight into, and an understanding of, the behaviours and the ways of understanding people use in a late modern society.

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