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Sarah H. Awad, Brady Wagoner (Eds.) Street Art of Resistance

Sarah H. Awad, Brady Wagoner (Eds.) Street Art of Resistance

This book edited by Sarah H. Awad and Brady Wagoner explores how street art has been used as a tool of resistance to express opposition to political systems and social issues around the world.

Street Art of Resistance by Sarah H. Awad and Brady Wagoner (Eds.)

Aesthetic devices such as murals, tags, posters, street performances and caricatures are discussed in terms of how they are employed to occupy urban spaces and present alternative visions of social reality. Based on empirical research, the authors use the framework of creative psychology to explore the aesthetic dimensions of resistance that can be found in graffiti, art, music, poetry and other creative cultural forms. Chapters include case studies from countries including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico and Spain to shed new light on the social, cultural and political dynamics of street art not only locally, but globally. This innovative collection will be of particular interest to scholars of social and political psychology, urban studies and the wider sociologies and is essential reading for all those interested in the role of art in social change.  

The book:

  • Offers a socio-cultural psychology understanding of art in relation to resistance, creativity, and urban psychology
  • Analyses sites of resistance through the lens of different theoretical positions within the social sciences
  • Explores both the uniqueness and the commonalities of different artistic forms of resistance around the world

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About the editors:

Sarah H. Awad

Brady Wagoner