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The PhD studies are organised within the Doctoral School of the Humanities at Aalborg University. The PhD-scholars of the department are enrolled under the PhD-programme in Human Centered Communication and Informatics (HCCI) or the Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy.


PhD-Programme in Human Centered Communication and Informatics (HCCI)

The PhD-programme aims at facilitating a stimulating and challenging interdisciplinary learning and research environment within communication, psychology and informatics at Aalborg University.

The centre of attention is on the integration of human and social disciplines with information and communication technologies (ICT) with a special focus on interpersonal communication, psychology and collaboration. With communication, learning, cognition, emotion, experience, and generation of meaning together with specialist knowledge about informatics and digital media as their starting point, our PhDs are concerned with analysis and design of new work, learning and experience-based processes and environments.


PhD-Programme in Human Centered Communication and Informatics (HCCI)



The doctoral programme in music therapy

The international PhD programme has PhD students from all over the world who gather twice a year at weekly PhD courses in Aalborg. In music therapy research theoretical as well as clinical areas are investigated in process and/or effect studies. The research often has a focus on the role of music in establishing relationships or on music experiences as medium for attention, communication and metalization.

Some clinical areas investigated so far are music therapy with persons with developmental disorders, dementia or psychosocial difficulties, persons in neurorehabilitation, and music therapy in psychiatric, somatic or palliative care.


The doctoral programme in music therapy

PhD Programme in Cultural Psychology

The Programme is meant to enhance the scholarly competence in, and widen the practical usability of, different trends of cultural psychology. Having become established in the last two decades as an interdisciplinary framework combining psychology, anthropology, sociology, and history. The Aalborg Programme is distinguished by its focus on the development of new qualitative methodologies for psychology, interdisciplinary enrichment in ideas and practices, and a focus on aesthetics of everyday life. Being located in the Department of Communication and Psychology, the Programme unifies perspectives from both of these areas. The working language of the Programme is English.



The doctoral programme Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies (InterDisc)

The doctoral programme Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies (InterDisc) at Aalborg University welcomes doctoral students who are interested in studying discourses in contemporary societies in the broadest sense from interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and post-disciplinary perspectives. The concept discourse includes the many ways in which language is used, such as writing, speech, bodily gestures, music or silence. It also entails a socially constructed perspective, where social actors and actions negotiate and constitute meaning, relations and identities.

The doctoral programme Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies

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