When memory is lost and reminders become interactive

This CCP Friday symposium by Antonia Krummheuer will discuss how cultural psychological concepts of constructive and communicative memory (Wagoner and Brockmeier) can inform and be informed by socio-material understanding of reminder as situated and multimodal practices in material contexts.


10.12.2021 kl. 14.30 - 16.30


Classical concepts of reminder are based on a cognitive understandings of memory. This assumption is often found in reminding technologies that assumes a one-on-one interaction of user and device. However, in an ethnographic studies on reminding practices in health care situations we could describe situated, multimodal and distributed practices of reminders that are part of ongoing activities that are furthermore framed by different phases of a reminding process (scheduling, logistics, pre-reminders, actual reminder). We will present an embodied interaction analysis of videos showing this reminding practices and discuss the consequences of this findings for concepts of memory and assistive technologies.  


Brockmeier, J. (2017). From Memory as Archive to Remembering as Conversation. In B. Wagoner (Ed.), Handbook of Culture and Memory (pp. 41–64). Oxford University Press.


Centre for Cultural Psychology


Nordkraft room 11.15

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