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Semiotics – philosophical and historical perspectives

Semiotics – philosophical and historical perspectives

Humanomics Research Centre is proud to present Chiara Ambrosio, Frederik Stjernfelt, Claus Emmeche and Don Favareau on this research seminar on semiotics in philosophical and historical perspectives.


26.02.2019 kl. 13.00 - 17.30



  • 1 PM Chiara Ambrosio, University College London: "Whewell's Ghost: Philosophical Lessons from Peirce's History of Science” 
  • 2 PM Frederik Stjernfelt, Aalborg University Copenhagen: “Co-localization as the Syntax of Multimodal Propositions: An Amazing Peircean Idea and some Implications for the Semiotics of Truth”
  • 3 PM Coffee Break
  • 3.30 PM Claus Emmeche, University of Copenhagen:  “Charles Peirce and William James – Philosophical and Personal Connections”
  • 4.30 PM Don Favareau, National University of Singapore: "On the role of Peirce in the history of Biosemiotics (so far!)"


Humanomics Research Centre


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