Personality Is a Proces: Culturally Assembled, and Maintained

Personality Is a Proces: Culturally Assembled, and Maintained

Pete Giordano, Professor of Psychology at Belmont University in Nashville, will hold a workshop for everyone interested on personality as a process.


01.06.2016 kl. 10.00 - 13.00


Picture by Steve Wilson

Personality Is a Proces: Culturally Assembled, and Maintained

Pete Giordano's main claim and the theme of the workshop is: “What we do know is that we can observe patterns of process that help us understand this particular individual in his or her always transitory contexts.  These patterns of process, then, point to greater or lesser degrees of individual responsiveness to environmental contexts.  Such patterns need not suggest a substance (e.g., trait or self) “within” the person.  This is an important shift in ontological thinking, and moves us away from a structural description of the person (or group) to an event-based, process-centric Becoming explanation at the individual level.”



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Galina Hristova Angelova-Vindfeldt (Niels Bohr Professorship Centre, Aalborg Universitet)


Jaan Valsiner


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