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As part of a university, we are not only obliged but also interested in communicating our research to a broader public. Knowledge is an immeasurable resource in our society and the source of development, innovation and creativity. Therefore, it is a natural wish that the knowledge, which we create, becomes useful in the world around us. The exchange should, however, also move the other way, so that the experiences in the world can be useful in research and education. Therefore, we are always open and curious to new work fields and forms of cooperation, regionally (in the Copenhagen and Northern Jutland areas) as well as nationally and internationally.

Cooperation with research- and educational institutions

Interdisciplinarity in research and education is one of our strengths at Aalborg University in general. Cooperation across professional boundaries and institutions has its benefits, especially the synergy, which leads to more comprehensive research results or development of new methods or theories, but also the agreements with other educational institutions, which can pave the student’s way for greater flexibility in educational courses or provide access to resources at other institutions.

Cooperation with other organisations and companies

At Department of Communication and Psychology we have a wide ranging knowledge of the public as well as private sector. Communication and interaction occurs in all types of companies and organisations, and both students and researchers have cooperated with a number of companies, including manufacturing companies, industrial enterprises, museums, event agencies (concert halls, theatres, conference centres), public institutions (hospitals, municipalities) and retail (supermarkets, clothing shops, car dealers). We have cooperated about:

  • Strategic communication (e.g. marketing, branding, TV production)
  • Media production (e.g. computer games and web design)
  • Topics in relation to organisations (e.g. human resources management, working environment, organisational communication, learning)
  • Product development (e.g. experience design, user-centred design, information architecture)

Therapy and treatment for private individuals

Also individuals benefit from cooperating with Department of Communication and Psychology. The University Clinic and the Music Therapy Clinic offer therapy to citizens in Northern Jutland, the DCD-clinic offers help for children with Developmental Communication Disorders in cooperation with Taleinstituttet Region Nordjylland, and a new stress clinic has just seen the light of day in collaboration between researchers and teachers at Psychology at Aalborg University and the division for occupational medicine at Aalborg Hospital.

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The matchmaker at Department of Communication and Psychology is available for more information about the specific opportunities for cooperation.