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Conference on Faith and Knowledge

Conference on Faith and Knowledge to be held in Aalborg on March 22, 2019

Many philosophers and politicians have rejected the use of faith based reasoning in public discourse. Furthermore, several philosophers and scientists have argued that there is a necessary conflict between religious faith and modern science. On the other hand, the philosophical discussion of faith and knowledge has, since the middle of the 20th Century, seen a resurgence. As a result, many of the traditional arguments for God’s existence, as well as new arguments in support of a religious world-view, are currently being discussed among groups of philosophers and scientists.

This conference will consider questions like:

  • How should we evaluate the secularist rejection of faith based reasoning in public discourse?
  • What are the roles of faith and reason in ethics?  
  • Can faith be reasonable? In particular: Can Christian belief be reasonable?
  • Can faith stimulate rationality and scientific reasoning?
  • Is there a case for Christian Theism?

We have invited three speakers to reflect on the topics, all of whom have worked extensively within the area. They will discuss their work on: Faith and Reason in Ethics, Pascal’s Wager, and the reasonableness of Christian beliefs.