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Computational Thinking in PBL

Computational Thinking in PBL

Pilot study by Tanja Svarre Jonasen and Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen “Connection between Computational Thinking and PBL”

Keywords: Problem Based Learning, Process understanding, CT in higher education

The aim of this pilot study is to explore the relation between Computational thinking and PBL (problem-based learning). In practice, students from cand.it study lines were introduced to the concept of CT during two separate occasions, first in the beginning of the initial semester of their master’s, and secondly at the end of the semester to evaluate on the students’ understanding of CT and how they have applied it since their first encounter with the concept.

Early findings indicate that the CT perspective provides the students with a conceptual understanding as well as a vocabulary to reflect and discuss their PBL process in a more nuanced manner. This was a particularly interesting observation, as students have a tendency to focus primarily on their exam projects and grades, rather than on the process and the competences they have aquired. Moreover, it was found that the PBL apporach may hold a particular learning potential in relation to CT, as it requires the students to encompas all four stages of CT (decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms) throughout the process of their semester projects.

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