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Computational Thinking in Agile concept development

Computational Thinking in Agile concept development

Pilot study by Thessa Jensen and Peter Vistisen "Computational Thinking in Agile concept development"

Keywords: One-week CT study, algorithms, social media, students investigate the use of algorithms, digital spaces, interactive media, experience design, same underlying definition of CT as IA / IS, understand the hidden algorithms to understand the tools

This pilot study focused in particular with the understanding of algorithms in the digital space, especially in social media and search engines. Over the duration of a week, students were prompted to reflect upon and answers questions such as “why are certain ads / posts being shown to me over others?” through the incorporation of computation thinking to an existing design course. In continuation the students were asked to investigate underlying algorithms in order to understand how they work and alter their experiences in a digital environment.

The study compirsed of a one week long computational thinking study with students from both interactive media and experience design participating. During the duration of the course the students were introduced to the general definition of computational thinking as it is presented and proposed by Jeanette Wing. As such, one of the main contribution of the CT perspective, was the additional level of critical reflection regarding not only digital media, but also design processes.

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