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Computational Thinking: Digital communication on mediaplatform technology and new media

Computational Thinking: Digital communication on mediaplatform technology and new media

Pilot study by Jørgen Riber Christensen and Thomas Mosebo Simonsen "Computational Thinking: Digital communication on mediaplatform technology and new media"

Keywords: Technology, digital environment, evaluation, abstraction, technology to enable productivity, deployment of technology in digital environment, analysis of technologies, media

The purpose of this pilot study was to prepare master’s students to navigate and work within a digital environment. More specifically the study aimed at improving the students technical skills within media platforms and digital tools. Once the necessary software and hardware had been accumulated, students and teachers alike evaluated on their usefulness in the context of advertisement and marketing in the digital environment. Some technologies were deemed useful and necessary whereas other technologies were discarded as redundant or useless through a secondary process of abstraction. The evaluation process was identified as fundamental to aquiring CT skills, as this particular activity helped ensure that the students not only aquired distinct competences, but also an ability to critically reflect upon the possibilities and limitations of the different technologies

The study has been met with positive evaluations from the students, who recognize that digital competencies which reach beyond simply being able to apply a technology, will be much needed once their studies are completed. This has led to the study guidelines (curriculum) being modified in favour of the implementation and continuation of this development study. 

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